Guides to Innovation at Scale: Planning a Challenge – Part 2

Using Challenges brings specificity to innovation programs.

Whether run internally or as part of an open innovation strategy, asking specific questions delivers specific outcomes.

By asking for solutions to real problems, companies are better positioned to innovate across the business right away.

This guide is the second of a three-part mini-series focusing on a vital element of the Challenge-Driven Methodology: the planning stage. In part one, we discussed the background. In this guide, we look at the framing of a Challenge. Breaking this framing phase down into five areas, we illustrate how to use metrics and voting as a way of measuring success, as well as discussing the submission and selection stages of the process.

In the full guide, we also suggest what information needs to be included in any submissions, and how it’s possible to engage the crowd in initial evaluations. Finally, we explain how the selection and post-selection stages work.

Download the full guide here