Guides to Innovation at Scale: New Products and Services

The need to adapt is inherent to the long-term success of any business. Whether it be through a refreshing of an internal process, the expansion of a relationship with a supplier, or the development of new products and services, continuous upgrades are a vital part of what allows a company to remain relevant.

To achieve ambidexterity (exploring new opportunities while exploiting current offerings), companies need to focus on new products and services. In this guide, we go over the reasons why companies have run new products and services Challenges with Wazoku, including:

  • New ways of competing: organizations are constantly having to rethink how they compete. For example, the democratization of the travel industry, through new arrivals like Airbnb and Uber, has forced traditional hotel chains and transport businesses to rethink how to engages with customers.

In this guide, we discuss other reasons why companies run Challenges in this area, as well as exploring what organizations are already doing to optimize new products and services. We’ll also highlight some of the potential roadblocks to adaptation that we’ve discovered over the last two decades in the innovation space.

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