Building a Strong Innovation Culture

Do you want to build a strong innovation culture in your organisation? Are you ready to revolutionize the way you view and respond to failure? We have the ideal resource for you to learn to embrace failure and in doing so build a stronger innovation culture.

Discover the guide to building a Strong Innovation Culture

This invaluable resource will provide a comprehensive explanation of the importance of using failure to build a strong innovation culture rather than assigning blame. It identifies problems when it comes to addressing failure and explores possible courses of action.

What can you learn from failures in innovation?

You will learn how failure is an inherent part of innovation and why it’s vital to focus on how you respond to it. This approach is in line with advice from Harvard experts. This Whitepaper details how a smart failing organisation uses failure as an opportunity to become better.

Here’s what you’ll uncover:

  • Expert advice on how to define failure in the context of innovation.
  • A comprehensive guide to the hierarchy of failure: system failure, system component failure, major firm failure, start-up failure, product failure, and idea failure.
  • The importance of the 3 major levels of failure
  • Real life experiences of innovators in major organizations.
  • How to implement ‘smart failure’
  • Advice on dealing with failure and what you can learn from it.

Why Should You Download This Guide?

  • It explores day to day problems involving failure and the way these can be adapted to build a strong innovative culture within your organisation.
  • Identifies the fact that failure is often systematic rather than a problem within the innovation team.
  • The White paper provides suggested actions such as the importance of taking responsibility, being transparent and communicating better to tackle these issues.
  • It will improve your decision making by looking at the possible causes of innovation failure.
  • Embracing failure is a habit that creates successful innovators.
  • Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize your innovation strategy!

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