Accelerating Innovation in a Recession

Accelerating your innovation in a recession is a key driver of success 

In this playbook, we show you the concrete steps to take in a time of economic uncertainty, to ensure that your business can survive and thrive. Using numerous examples from Wazoku customers, we take a deep dive into how and why innovation is a must-have in tough times. 

Inside you’ll find: 

  • The 5 key levers to accelerate your innovation
  • How innovation can reduce costs, shorten time to market, and increase success rates
  • Examples for direct uses and how best to convert them into results
  • Why unlocking critical value through innovation can set you up for post-crisis business

Who Should Read this White Paper? 

If you’re a business leader struggling with economic uncertainty, business direction, or looking for a direct guide to success, this white paper is essential reading to let Wazoku show you how to navigate a recession through innovation. 

In research after the financial crisis in 2009, McKinsey found that businesses that maintained innovation outperformed the market average by more than 30%. These companies also accelerated their growth in the subsequent 3-5 years! 

Before, idea generation was labor-intensive and time-consuming. Wazoku is a one-stop-shop that has enabled and enhanced our innovation strategy.

Thembisa Mapukata – General Manager: Innovation, Digital & Direct Channels
at Old Mutual

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