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Solving business problems with co-creation and open innovation

Webinar: Solving problems using the Internet of Prepared Minds and co-creation

Aarti Desai

Open innovation and co-creation are words that gets thrown around a lot by businesses. But can these methodologies solve complex business problems?  This 30-minute on-demand webinar delves into the opportunities that open innovation and co-creation produce and what it really means in the context of solving business problems. This webinar showcases: Fill in your details to watch the webinar.


Webinar: Innovation in Defence – Managing Innovation at Scale

Aarti Desai

The Ministry of Defence’s goal is to be “Innovative by Instinct” but what does this look like in practice? Even complex organisations can scale and embed a true culture of innovation inside and outside the business. The Ministry of Defence (MOD), while operating in the public sector, faces similar challenges to private enterprise organisations as it operates globally, 24/7 across …

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Webinar: Using Innovation to Prepare for the Future of Work

Andrea Goodkind

To some, the Future of Work means uncertainty, people feeling less safe in their jobs and the need for businesses to prove their trustworthiness. To others, innovation is revolutionising the Future of Work. It means new job creation, opportunities to disrupt existing and open new markets and new expectations on work-life balance. How can you leverage innovation to prepare for …


Podcast: Achieving continuous improvement at scale


In episode 3 of our EveryDay Innovation podcast our leaders at Wazoku speak about how businesses can achieve continuous improvement at scale. Tune into this 20-minute podcast for these highlights and more: Have a listen! Simon Hill, Founder and CEO Bea Schofield, Head of Customer Success The danger of focusing on the next big idea. Listen Now. How Waitrose & …

Thumbnail_EDI podcast How Waitrose & Direct Line Group engage employees in ideas and innovation

Podcast: How Waitrose & Direct Line Group engage employees in ideas


In episode 2 of our Everyday Innovation podcast, leaders from Waitrose and Direct Line Group share stories about their innovation schemes from adoption to implementation and review key takeaways for businesses hoping to build a more change-able and innovative future. Tune into this 20-minute podcast for these key highlights and more: The danger of focusing on the next big idea. …


Podcast: The danger of focusing on the next big idea


In the first of a three-part podcast series, hosted by our own Simon Hill, CEO, and Bea Schofield, Head of Customer Success, listen as they discuss Simon Hill, Founder and CEO Bea Schofield, Head of Customer Success How Waitrose & Direct Line Group engage employees in ideas and innovation. Listen Now. Achieving continuous improvement at scale. Listen Now.

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How A Waitrose Partner Uses The Ideas Scheme To Help The Business Innovate


Hear Katriye, Customer Service Assistant at Waitrose’s story on: Waitrose is a successful British food retailer, and a part of the John Lewis group. Through the implementation of the company’s Partner Ideas scheme, they saw figures of idea creation skyrocket when they updated their previous Idea Management solution to one powered by Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight. Results include increasing the success …


6 Ways to Improve Innovation Through Culture Change

wazoku Leave a Comment

There are still organisations that see innovation as a function, assigning a small group of people the impossible task to transform their business. They then might embark on an overly ambitious transformation programme that fails or loses momentum with little measurable outcome. Wazoku, Goodwind and April all take a different stance – to be truly innovative, organisations need to make …