Idea Spotlight Datasheet


Idea Spotlight is a highly flexible platform that enables internal and external crowdsourcing initiatives for organisations around the world. Integrated with your enterprise tools and accessed seamlessly across devices, Idea Spotlight removes barriers to engagement and unlocks the potential of your crowd. This data sheet gives a precise overview of idea spotlight’s features and functionality. “Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight was by …


Innovation Pulse Features Datasheet


Innovation Pulse is based on extensive qualitative and quantitative research from a wide range of businesses across the globe to ascertain the core components to building a culture of innovation. The tool asks targeted strategic questions around your organisation’s ability to manage it’s Strategy, Leadership, Management, Culture and Process and aggregates your results into an innovation breakdown. Your breakdown will …


Co-creation Communities Datasheet


Your communities, whether customers, supplies, distributors or partners; will have new ideas and perspectives that can be harnessed to drive better results – Co-creation Communities brings your communities to you. Why Co-creation Communities?