Webinar – Engaging Employees Through Idea Management


In a time of immense change – combining numerous company cultures and transitioning various systems into a single standard operating platform – Shared Services Connected limited (SSCL) needed an innovation platform that could unify the company, allow for inclusive collaboration across locations and ensure a two-way, interactive approach to communication. Watch the webinar to learn how SSCL has:


Webinar – Coaching in Innovation – the role of mentoring in innovation


The role of Coaching in Innovation Can you innovate on your own? Do you know where to start? We believe that people and organisations benefit from mentoring in order to unleash their innovation potential. In this webinar, we will discuss the role of mentoring in innovation, including: Are innovators born or made? How do you change the mindset of organisational …


Design Thinking and Everyday Innovation Report


Report: Design Thinking and Everyday innovationDriving better outcomes for your customers   The latest report in Wazoku’s Everyday Innovation series provides an introduction and practical advice to incorporate design thinking into your innovation programme. Download the report to: Move past the hype with a clear introduction to design thinking and how you can use it within your organisation to achieve …


Noblis Customer Story


Noblis Customer Story Noblis wanted a platform where employees could publish challenges and track ideas that spark innovation across the enterprise. They were looking for iterative refinement, and the ability to select teams to refine ideas during different stages of Challenge workflows. Key stats: Please fill in the form on this page to download the full case study. Savings of …


LA Green Build Customer Story


L.A. Green Build Council Case Study USGBC-LA needed an open innovation platform for their Legacy Project, providing an enduring means of service, education and thanks to the local community. They needed a way for teams to collaborate when submitting an RFP, and a platform that would allow sharing ideas as well as transparent and customised workflows and processes. Key stats: …


5 Pillars of EveryDay Innovation Infographic


EveryDay innovation consists of five pillars, Strategy, Leadership, Management, Culture and Tools & Processes. To master all five of these is to begin to conquer innovation. With our EveryDay innovation report, we answer what innovation really is, and take you through the steps to implement an element of innovation into each of these Big 5. When innovation flows through all …


Leveraging the Crowd Guide


In this post we are going to look at one of the first stages of building a successful idea management programme: leveraging the crowd. Businesses and institutions have been using crowdsourcing for years through focus groups, surveys, consultations and interviews to gather feedback and suggestions. Although the terms “crowdsourcing”, “open innovation” and “ideation” can sound complex and novel, they are merely …


Idea Spotlight Datasheet


Idea Spotlight – Features Data Sheet Idea Spotlight is a highly flexible platform that enables internal and external crowdsourcing initiatives for organisations around the world. Integrated with your enterprise tools and accessed seamlessly across devices, Idea Spotlight removes barriers to engagement and unlocks the potential of your crowd. This data sheet gives a precise overview of idea spotlight’s features and …


Innovation Pulse Features Datasheet


Innovation Pulse – Data Sheet Innovation Pulse is based on extensive qualitative and quantitative research from a wide range of businesses across the globe to ascertain the core components to building a culture of innovation. The tool asks targeted strategic questions around your organisation’s ability to manage it’s Strategy, Leadership, Management, Culture and Process and aggregates your results into an …


Co-creation Communities Datasheet


Co-creation Communities – Feature Data Sheet Your communities, whether customers, supplies, distributors or partners; will have new ideas and perspectives that can be harnessed to drive better results – Co-creation Communities brings your communities to you. Why Co-creation Communities? A dedicated space for collaboration of external stakeholders separate from your internal platform Custom-branded and secure portal including social logins Gain …