Webinar: Innovation in Defence – Managing Innovation at Scale

Aarti Desai

The Ministry of Defence’s goal is to be “Innovative by Instinct” but what does this look like in practice? Even complex organisations can scale and embed a true culture of innovation inside and outside the business. The Ministry of Defence (MOD), while operating in the public sector, faces similar challenges to private enterprise organisations as it operates globally, 24/7 across …

Continuous Improvement Ebook

Small change, big impact: Creating an evolving culture of continuous improvement

Aarti Desai

Continuous improvement ideas typically drive smarter, faster or more efficient ways of approaching existing tasks, products or services. These ideas are inherently easier to implement for the organisation and can derive more tangible value in a shorter timeframe. Often improvement ideas aren’t seen as innovation. But should they be? Can continuous improvement drive real value to your organisation? We know it …

Disruptors changing the world: Why innovation must be fuelled by people

Disruptors changing the world: Why innovation must be fuelled by people

Aarti Desai

In our new whitepaper you’ll read about the most successful and disruptive businesses in this decade, how they developed this process, and, most importantly how your business can pivot so it does not get left behind. By downloading this guide, you’ll learn about:


eBook: 6 Steps for Idea Management Success

Andrea Goodkind

What could idea management look like for your business? Selecting an idea management tool is only the first step to creating a successful idea management programme. Our eBook 6 Steps for Idea Management Success outlines the benefits of using an idea management platform and how embed your whole innovation programme including: Download this ebook to find out how idea management …


The New Innovation Conversation Report

Andrea Goodkind

Our survey of over 1,000 board members, senior managers, middle managers and everyday workers within large enterprises across the UK sheds further light on the innovation challenges facing businesses. This report helps organisations understand:


Waitrose Customer Story

Andrea Goodkind

Waitrose is a successful British food retailer, and a part of the John Lewis group. Through the implementation of the company’s Partner Ideas scheme, they saw figures of idea creation skyrocket when they updated their previous Idea Management solution to one powered by Idea Spotlight. In this case study you’ll see how Waitrose: Find out how Waitrose transformed their organisation …

Thumbnail_Future of work webinar

Webinar: Using Innovation to Prepare for the Future of Work

Andrea Goodkind

To some, the Future of Work means uncertainty, people feeling less safe in their jobs and the need for businesses to prove their trustworthiness. To others, innovation is revolutionising the Future of Work. It means new job creation, opportunities to disrupt existing and open new markets and new expectations on work-life balance. How can you leverage innovation to prepare for …


ROI Calculator

Andrea Goodkind

Calculating ROI is a way to show that the money or time invested is worth the value of the return. It’s especially useful when seeking buy-in for a new tool or process and to measure its potential impact. Do you know the business value of implemented ideas? They can be a series of small and incremental ideas, customer-centric ideas designed …


Idea Management for an Innovative and Sustainable Future


Are you struggling to innovate or build sustainable processes in your organisation? Learn how different types of innovation can help future-proof your organisation and why sustainability and innovation should go hand in hand. By empowering your most important asset, your people, you’ll begin to unlock new opportunities you never knew existed! Find out how Wazoku’s idea management platform can help …

Thumbnail_unlocking innovation a leaders guide

Unlocking Innovation: A leader’s guide to getting started


Leaders recognise innovation as critical to long-term growth and survival, but often fail to go from discussing innovation to implementing a rigorous process that allows innovation to thrive. Whilst getting started with an innovation programme can be daunting, it’s imperative. When done right, it can give your organisation access to untapped market potential and the opportunity to differentiate and break …