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eBook: 6 Steps for Idea Management Success

Andrea Goodkind

What could idea management look like for your business? Selecting an idea management tool is only the first step to creating a successful idea management programme. Our eBook 6 Steps for Idea Management Success outlines the benefits of using an idea management platform and how embed your whole innovation programme including: Download this ebook to find out how idea management …


Idea Management for an Innovative and Sustainable Future


Are you struggling to innovate or build sustainable processes in your organisation? Learn how different types of innovation can help future-proof your organisation and why sustainability and innovation should go hand in hand. By empowering your most important asset, your people, you’ll begin to unlock new opportunities you never knew existed! Find out how Wazoku’s idea management platform can help …

Thumbnail_unlocking innovation a leaders guide

Unlocking Innovation: A leader’s guide to getting started


Leaders recognise innovation as critical to long-term growth and survival, but often fail to go from discussing innovation to implementing a rigorous process that allows innovation to thrive. Whilst getting started with an innovation programme can be daunting, it’s imperative. When done right, it can give your organisation access to untapped market potential and the opportunity to differentiate and break …

Thumbnail_Unlocking the Flow of Innovation In the Water Industry

Improving the flow of innovation in the water industry


The water industry faces enormous challenges with a regulator-set timeline for change. Wazoku recently hosted a roundtable event with water industry leaders to discuss the driving forces of industry innovation and the infrastructure that supports this push for change. Our new guide, Improving The Flow of Innovation in The Water Industry, presents some of the conclusions drawn from that discussion …

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eBook: 10 Steps from Idea Generation to Implementation


Every successfully implemented idea or product is a result of a long and painstakingly supervised innovation process. While principles and methods of idea development are universal for all industries, there is no strict rule regarding the steps from idea generation to implementation. Here are 10 steps that follow the idea management process from idea generation to implementation, including:


Retail Innovation Management with Shop Direct and Waitrose


Recently we hosted a breakfast briefing event, featuring speakers from Shop Direct and Waitrose, focusing on their experience using an idea management platform in their innovation programmes. Download our file and read a summary of the event, featuring their ideas on how to:


Public Sector Guide to Idea Management


Public sector institutions are confronting increasingly difficult challenges and they are having to meet rising expectations from the public with scarcer resources. A significant number of institutions are turning to idea management to identify ways to save money, improve processes, make efficiency gains and engage with employees and stakeholders. This guide covers the following points:


Getting Started: The First 90 Days of Idea Management


A detailed eBook on implementing Idea Spotlight in your organisation, including tips to help you successfully embed a new idea management programme. Topics covered: Please complete the form to download the eBook.


eBook – Are you innovation ready?


Our eBook – Are you innovation ready? Looks at the power of successful innovation and aims to begin your journey to becoming an organisation of Everyday innovation. In our eBook, you will find:


The Beginner’s Guide to Idea Management


How do you successfully build a culture of innovation through idea management? This guide is designed to give a clear understanding of how to make idea management work for your business and why it’s so important. Get the guide and answer all your top questions, including: