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ROI Calculator

Andrea Goodkind

Calculating ROI is a way to show that the money or time invested is worth the value of the return. It’s especially useful when seeking buy-in for a new tool or process and to measure its potential impact. Do you know the business value of implemented ideas? They can be a series of small and incremental ideas, customer-centric ideas designed …


Infographic: 10 Ultimate Traits of an Innovation Leader


Almost every organisation out there would love to have a leader who knows how to make a company more innovative; but they can be hard to come by. However, you may already have managers in your organisation with the potential to do this. They simply need some guidance as to how to become the kind of leader that inspires their …


5 Pillars of EveryDay Innovation Infographic


EveryDay innovation consists of five pillars, Strategy, Leadership, Management, Culture and Tools & Processes. To master all five of these is to begin to conquer innovation. With our EveryDay innovation report, we answer what innovation really is, and take you through the steps to implement an element of innovation into each of these Big 5. When innovation flows through all …