Idea Management for the Public Sector, Government and Defence

In a sector under more pressure to reform and change than almost any other, Wazoku enables the public sector, to innovate in line with the ever-growing demands and pressures it faces.

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The public sector landscape is changing forever:


  • Citizens’ demands have more impact on how regulations and policies are developed
  • Public sector departments face new economic pressures and evolving demographics
  • There’s a real need to think big but it’s only realistic to start small
  • The need to keep pace with and harness the insights of developments around the world
  • Increasing silos between civil servants and serving personnel as well as government suppliers and internal teams
  • Civil servants and serving personnel want inclusion, access to the corporate memory and need the training, equipment and support necessary to do their work
  • There’s constant pressure to introduce digitisation to many public services

Where does the public sector get the ideas to meet these challenges, how can it ensure the continuous improvement needed to be more inclusive and to embrace digitisation?

We are looking forward to partnering with Wazoku to build on our experience of delivering and managing an innovative idea management programme. MOD is proud of the commitment and dedication demonstrated by our people, and through Wazoku’s idea management solution we will ensure that the MOD continues to recognise and reward that dedication.
Stuart Laws, Defence Innovation – Ideas, Ministry of Defence
    Wazoku helps the public sector begin or extend their innovation programme with our cloud-based, scalable and flexible idea management platform.

    How can the public sector, including government and defence, innovate with idea management?

    • Enable the armed forces to maintain military edge into the future

      Work with partners all around the world to capture the latest innovation. Learn how

    • Empower a culture which is innovative by instinct

      Build a culture of innovation that is focused on collaboration and drives results. Learn how

    • Drive digitisation of public services

      Come up with new ways of approaching traditional services and improve current digital processes. Learn how

    • Work smarter and achieve results quicker

      Get around long approval processes and a lack of resources via collaboration. Learn how

    • Broaden the idea community

      Capture and deploy ideas from different departments, consultancies, citizen groups and more. Learn how

    • Be a more inclusive organisation

      Train and enable staff to think differently whilst encouraging collaboration, inclusivity and innovation. Learn how


    See how we've helped the Ministry of Defence innovate:

    The Ministry of Defence needed a way to make it easier for staff to be directly involved in innovation, engaging the people that are best placed to identify issues, problems and opportunities. With the Wazoku implementation, the MOD is seeing a significant increase in engagement with the new platform and many more ideas flowing into the system.


    Ministry of Defence selected Wazoku to drive digital innovation and idea management across its entire network: The Royal Navy, British Army, the Royal Air Force, Joint Forces Command and Defence Infrastructure Organisation.