Innovation Management

Innovation programme management made simple through Idea Spotlight

Organisations often struggle to see results with their innovation programmes. Many of these companies still use email inboxes or even suggestion boxes as central parts of their innovation programmes. Yet idea capture is only one area of successful innovation management.

Innovation starts with an idea to solve a problem or to improve a process. Successful innovation requires the capture of ideas, but also the assessment, selection and action.

Innovation management requires bringing in the wider organisation as innovation does not happen in laboratories or off site sessions – it’s happening on your shop floors, social media and in boardrooms.

At Wazoku, we believe in an EveryDay Innovation approach in order to successfully innovate – focused on culture and not events. EveryDay Innovation focuses on five pillars: Strategy, Leadership, Management, Culture and Process & Tools.

Innovation Management requires a focus on these areas, understanding where your business is with regards to these pillars and ensuring each of these business areas form a pivotal part of your innovation programme.

Idea Spotlight, Wazoku’s idea management platform, provides a vehicle to initiate and execute these innovation programmes.

Wazoku customers use Idea Spotlight, to easily innovation within their businesses. The days of suggestion boxes have long passed. Our clients are not only able to collect ideas, they can also manage those ideas, encourage engagement from employees, allow interaction surrounding ideas and choose what ideas to implement.

Idea Spotlight allows your company to streamline the entire innovation management process, from idea to implementation, all within one platform.

Customer Success

We’ve engaged over 35,000 employees across 18 markets around the world in developing ideas to improve our customers’ experience. It’s good for us, good for people and ultimately, good for our customers.

Richard Wilkinson
Innovation Manager, Aviva

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Grand Challenges

Idea Spotlight can help companies easily manage competitions, create a process for voting and select winners accordingly.

Idea Management

Foster a collaborative culture by encouraging idea sharing within your organisation. Idea Spotlight is your home for idea management.

Continuous Improvement

Transforming complex processes and systems has a cross-functional effect. It therefore makes sense to gain cross-functional input.

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Leading organisations around the world use Idea Spotlight to capture the power of the crowd.

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