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Internal employee competitions, made easy to manage

When companies choose to run and manage internal competitions for their employees they often do not have a great way of managing submissions, voting processes and winner selections.

Competitions like these, especially in large scale organisations, can be vital to engaging employees, fostering a culture of innovation and progressing forward as a business.

However, managing this process can be daunting when lacking the right system to do so.

Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight, an idea management platform, can help companies easily manage competition submissions, create a process for voting and analysis and select winners accordingly. This can all be done within one streamlined platform.

Additionally, Idea Spotlight can be integrated into your current Microsoft products, so that making contributions is as simple as a single click in Outlook, Word or SharePoint.

Let Idea Spotlight simplify competition management for your company.

Customer Success

Using Idea Spotlight has helped enable people who wouldn’t normally contribute to digital innovation, not just contribute, but be part of that conversation.Stuart Lee, CIO, Oxford University
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More Use Cases

Employee Engagement

Companies not only have the responsibility of finding and hiring employees, but also the keeping those employees engaged.

Idea Management

Foster a collaborative culture by encouraging idea sharing within your organisation. Idea Spotlight is your home for idea management.

Open Innovation

Wazoku allows your company to streamline the entire innovation management process, from idea to implementation, all within one platform.

Case Studies

Leading organisations around the world use Idea Spotlight to capture the power of the crowd.

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