Idea Management

Many companies have trouble managing ideas that come through from employees, partners and stakeholders. It’s not uncommon for ideas to get lost in emails or elsewhere. Oftentimes it seems as if there’s not enough time in the day to address non-essential issues or suggestions. This is the case for most organisations.

Wazoku’s collaborative idea management software, Idea Spotlight, provides structure to capture, evaluate, prioritise and select ideas. It is a highly flexible platform that allows you to build communities for innovation, employee and stakeholder dialogue and insight.

By using our idea management platform, Idea Spotlight, our customers are making innovation a strategic priority – as it needs to be in order to deliver effectively.

They now have home for all of the ideas that come through their business, whether they be project related input, process improvement suggestions or any other form of idea submitted by valued stakeholders.

Having the right tools and processes is just one part of an innovation strategy and we work with businesses to design challenges within the platform, advise on idea workflows and review the resulting data and reports.

Customer Success

We’ve engaged over 35,000 employees across 18 markets around the world in developing ideas to improve our customers’ experience. It’s good for us, good for people and ultimately, good for our customers.

-Richard Wilkinson, Innovation Manager, Aviva

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More Use Cases

Employee Engagement

Companies not only have the responsibility of finding and hiring employees, but also the keeping those employees engaged. Idea Spotlight can help.

Continuous Improvement

Transforming complex processes and systems has a cross-functional effect. It therefore makes sense to gain cross-functional input.

Open Innovation

Wazoku allows your company to streamline the entire innovation management process, from idea to implementation, all within one platform.

Case Studies

Leading organisations around the world use Idea Spotlight to capture the power of the crowd.

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