Use Cases

Read our use cases to see some of the many ways Idea Spotlight can impact your organisation.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Transform complex processes and systems and reduce complexities by gaining cross-functional input.

Employee Engagement

Engaging employees through a culture of EveryDay innovation has a direct impact on business success.

Idea Management

Idea Spotlight makes managing ideas a simple task, from idea submission, to evaluation and finally, selection.

Innovation Management

Streamline innovation management, from idea to implementation, all in one platform.

Open Innovation

Collect feedback from both internal and external stakeholders to drive incredible insights for your business.

Grand Challenges

Organisations can easily run and manage internal employee competitions through Idea Spotlight.

Customer Success

“The continued success of our Partner Ideas scheme is down to the quality of ideas received and the hard work of business owners in delivering the change to make them happen.”

-Stuart Eames
Operational Improvement Manager, Operational Efficiency, Waitrose

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Learn more about how Waitrose used Idea Spotlight for idea management, employee engagement and continuous improvement.

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Idea Spotlight

Wazoku’s collaborative idea management software Idea Spotlight, provides structure to capture, evaluate, prioritise and select ideas. It is a highly flexible platform that allows you to build communities for innovation, employee and stakeholder dialogue and insight.

  • Single platform, access to your full crowd — internal/external, known/unknown, near/far
  • Built in analytics suite provide insight for data-driven decision-making
  • Integrations with business, productivity and social tools put Idea Spotlight where your crowd already meets
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Innovation Pulse

Innovation Pulse offers a comprehensive survey to assess the current state of innovation in your business, based on core pillars of innovation. Innovation Pulse includes:

  • Comprehensive, customisable survey that can be shared company wide
  • Summary results showing overall maturity against each core pillar of innovation
  • Interactive reports to understand responses across demographic factors
  • Downloadable results summaries and recommendations for innovation improvement
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