Our AI

Building you a living library of solutions, knowledge, insight and opportunity

Our AI-enabled Idea Management software surfaces the right Ideas to the right people at the right time.

Its suite of tools leverages Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to identify related content that individuals cannot or do not find through manual processes. The recommendations do not try to select the ‘best’ or even the ‘preferred’ idea, but rather ensure that unexpected relationships are highlighted and not left to chance.

Create a living library of ideas

This acts as your Global Home for Ideas, meaning over time a pool of thousands, tens of thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands of ideas are being created, evaluated and implemented to solve a wide range of problems and create a stream of new opportunities.

As the volume of ideas grows, it become less efficient or even possible to manually make future connections between these ideas, whether implemented or rejected. Our powerful recommendation engine, enabled by NLP and AI, helps by highlighting unexpected relationships between content such as:

  • Technology that is being used in entirely different contexts with different results
  • Similar problems that have been solved in different ways
  • Solutions that have been developed in alternative, and in some cases, inconsistent ways
  • Rejected Ideas that were not relevant or feasible for an original problem but can be the spark for a solution in a new context
  • General themes around content that Challenge Managers and Admins may want to investigate further.

In addition to highlighting the relationships, our AI provides feedback regarding the strength of the relationship and the shared content that creates the relationship.

Explore Networks of Content

Our AI-enabled platform provides a visual representation of the content relationships that allows individuals to trace the connections – both strong and weak – between People, Problems & Ideas. This encourages users to explore unknown content, break down information silos and collaborate across teams.

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