Open Innovation Solutions

Engaging with a diverse crowd, whether internal or external to your organisation, has been proven to boost success rates, increase speed to market and improve the ROI of your innovation programmes.

Open Innovation Marketplace

Imagine being able to drive change and transformation by having your organisation’s biggest obstacles and opportunities tackled from a fresh perspective, from larger pool of knowledge and wisdom. That’s exactly what happens when you present those challenges to people from different areas of expertise, locations, cultures and backgrounds to solve.

Open innovation has been used successfully by many organisations for many years. However, there’s no doubt that, since the 2020 pandemic, more and more businesses are realising that no single organisation or individual can hope to have all the answers when it comes to solving business challenges. They recognise the almost unlimited possibilities that open innovation offers.

Our Open Innovation Marketplace is a global network of 500,000+ expert problem Solvers, comprising CEOs, PhD students, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, retired technologists and business leaders. We specialise in connecting Seekers – commercial enterprises, public sector agencies and non-profit organisations – to our amazing crowd of expert problem Solvers, to innovate at scale.

Why choose Open Innovation?

When you combine the expertise of your internal crowd, such as employees, partners and suppliers, with external crowds of engineers, entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, customers and more, you can solve your most pressing business problems and innovate faster and better. Diverse groups of people with different perspectives and areas of expertise approach and solve your business challenges in unique ways, enabling you to boost the innovation resources available to you.

Open innovation may be new to you. If you’ve always thought of innovation as something that’s done inside your organisation or with consultants or freelancers, moving from an ‘inside-out’ mindset to a truly ‘outside-in’ one may initially be a challenge in itself. But once you start to think about the knowledge, expertise and sheer thinking power you can tap into and the exciting possibilities of open innovation, it can be a eureka moment in itself.

Perhaps you’re looking to create new or improved products or services that can provide a competitive advantage, delight customers or help you work smarter and faster. Perhaps internal issues like budget, capacity or engagement have put the brakes on specific areas of work. Or maybe you want to increase your R&D capacity, while reducing the risk and cost associated with failure. This is where our Open Innovation Marketplace can help you.

How does it work?

Our Open Innovation Marketplace is the world’s biggest innovation community of Solvers, with expertise in areas as diverse as business, technology, chemistry, life sciences, engineering, statistics, food and crop science and much more. They’re located around the world, and are typically educated to Masters level or above.

You don't have to assess job applications or resumes. You don't have to search the globe to find Solvers yourself. You can post your toughest challenges, in the form of prize-based competitions, to our global network of Solvers. This is Challenge Driven InnovationTM at work.

The power of the crowd

  • The world’s biggest innovation community of 500,000+ expert problem Solvers
  • Fast access to ideas that can become solutions to your business problems
  • Cost-effective approach
  • Possible to take you in new directions, with the opportunity for other income streams
  • Well-honed process means we’ll present you with solutions in a useable way

The Challenge Driven InnovationTM Framework

Challenge Driven InnovationTM (CDI) is our well-defined and well-formed approach to open innovation, allowing you to receive actionable and detailed solutions rather than just conversation starters. We believe that framing your issues as Challenges gives structure and momentum that aids the innovation process.

How CDI works:

  • To help you identify your problems, needs and possibilities and understand CDI, we usually start with a workshop for you and your team.
  • This will enable our PhD-educated Challenge Design Consultants to work with you to best formulate your problems or needs as Challenges.
  • We’ll then post your Challenge to our global network of Solvers. This can be done anonymously if you prefer. They then submit their solutions.
  • You have the excitement of evaluating those solutions. You only have to award the ones that fully meet your needs. (There’s just one category of Challenges where payment for Solvers is guaranteed – Ideation Challenges – and its specific use is to run a global brainstorm for breakthrough ideas.) The entire process is managed through our secure online platform.
  • We deal with administering award payments, IP transfers and licensing, so you don't have to. You'll get the contact details of awarded Solvers so you can contact them if you need to in the future, perhaps as a consultant or potential employee.

Types of Challenges

We have four main types of Challenges, allowing you to find anything from early-stage ideas to full prototypes:

  • Ideation Challenges: global Challenges to generate breakthrough ideas
  • Theoretical Challenges: receive in-depth written proposals
  • Reduction to Practice (RTP) Challenges: receive experimentally validated solutions
  • Electronic Request for Partner (eRFP) Challenges: discover partners or suppliers

A proven, dynamic route to change

Having run over 10x more open innovation challenges that anyone else, we have unparalleled experience and a proven methodology to help you innovate at scale. We’re enterprise-grade: secure, scalable and integrated with your other enterprise tools.

It’s our goal to help you to improve your business and change the world, one idea at a time. We know that open innovation is one of the most powerful ways to achieve this, which is why we’re committed to making it an accessible, practical and high-value choice for your organisation.

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