Open Innovation Marketplace

Innovation has no boundaries

  • Harness the power of our global innovation community of 500,000 innovators combined with our CDI™ methodology.
  • Our streamlined process including IP agreements and legal verification is effective, efficient and secure.
  • Follow in the footsteps of NASA, Novartis and thousands more and accelerate your innovation outcomes today!

Why choose Open Innovation?

We wanted to tap into the knowledge of the widest possible community and required the know-how to develop effective questions; InnoCentive provides us with this reach and expertise.
// Dr. Eva Guinan MD & Director of the Harvard Catalyst Linkages Program, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
The best, fastest and most cost-effective innovations may not always come from within your own teams. Open up your innovation process and strategies and harness the wisdom and power of the Crowd.
(Transformation in times of crisis, Chapter 4. N Rakes, J Wind 2021)

Unique approach

  • Challenge Driven InnovationTM (CDI) is our well-defined and well-formed approach to open innovation.
  • Our PhD-educated Challenge Design Consultants work with you to understand and formulate the problems or needs as ‘Challenges’
  • Challenges are posted, anonymously if desired, to our network of creative and smart minds we call OneSmartCrowdTM, who submit their solutions
  • You evaluate the proposed solutions and select those to award. You award solutions that meet your needs. All of this is done via our secure online platform

Unrivalled Expertise

  • We have world leading experience and a proven methodology to help you innovate at scale.
  • InnoCentive is a pioneer in Crowdsourced Innovation and has the track record to prove it

Over 2,500 Challenges run

Over 200,000 innovations captured

Over $60,000,000 in Innovation Awards

Elaine Chin

Challenge Design Consultant

Unbeatable Results

  • 80% challenge success rate
  • A proven open innovation ROI of 182% in under 2-months
  • Open Innovation is 10x cheaper and 4x faster than traditional methods
  • This is why companies like NASA, DARPA, Enel, AstraZeneca, and Novartis choose our Open Innovation Marketplace

Unparalleled network

  • Drive innovation and transformation faster and more cost effectively
  • Have your organisation’s biggest obstacles and opportunities tackled from a fresh perspective, from larger pool of knowledge, from different areas of expertise, locations, cultures and backgrounds
  • A global network of 500,000+ expert problem Solvers from over 195 countries
  • Comprising CEOs, PhD students, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, retired technologists and business leaders

You could help solve the World's greatest challenges

Become a solver and you will:

Make a Positive Impact

Solvers have contributed to tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems, from facilitating access to clean water at a household level to passive solar devices designed to attract & kill malaria-carrying mosquitos.

Promote Yourself and Earn Rewards

We’ve awarded more than $60 million to thousands of brilliant Solvers from around the world. The average award amount for a Challenge is around $20,000 but some offer awards of over $100,000 or more. But it’s not just about the financial reward, your accomplishment is guaranteed to attract attention on your CV or social profile.

Exercise Your Brain

Challenges are real problems requiring sustained concentration, critical thinking, research, creativity, and synthesis of knowledge. Developing a solution is incredibly rewarding and an unparalleled mental workout.

Discover how we’ve helped our customers achieve spectacular results by building a sustainable culture of innovation.

Learn how you can solve your organisation’s biggest challenges and drive needs-based, structured innovation at scale.

Find out how you can drive innovation throughout your organisation with help and support from our team.