The Idea Management Process

Capture & Collaborate

Ideas are plentiful – but they only bring value to the organisation if everyone knows where and how to share them. Use communities and Challenges to gather the right people and target your key strategic objectives. Encourage idea generation around the topics and problems you are ready and prepared to fund, keeping everyone from your front-line staff to your C-Suite aligned and your partners and customers engaged and empowered to share ideas.

Ideas are nurtured, not born. The Wazoku idea management platform breaks down silos and encourages the collaboration needed to achieve change. Extensive collaboration tools include social sharing, commenting and, a recommendation engine which surfaces the right ideas at the right time to the right people. Build teams and move ideas between Challenges and communities to give each idea has the best chance to be developed and implemented, or safely stored to be resurfaced at the right time.

Prioritise & Resource

Not all ideas are born equal. Effective and efficient evaluation of ideas ensures that you focus on the right ideas for the problem at hand. Mix and match a variety of tools - whether peer review, 'kick-starter' style workflows, weighted scorecards, crowd vetting, or projected costs and outcome - and evaluators - from standard evaluators to adhoc evaluators for specific ideas or stages in the process - to choose the right ideas to proceed.

Industry standard canvases such as Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas, or your own custom canvases, direct creators and collaborators to think about the right questions to achieve success. Building teams around ideas draws upon the expertise of the right people at the right time. Whether self-selecting or driven by AI, the right team breaks down silos and achieves better results.

Implement & Commercialise

Ideas are not innovation until they start delivering value to your customers and the organisation. Building the right team, at the right time, is key to ensuring that the best ideas that offer real change, whether through cost or efficiency savings or enhanced and new products and services, are implemented quickly and efficiently.

Built in development and collaboration tools, including progressive idea development to provide regular stage gates to evaluate the efficacy of projects, teams that bring the right people in to achieve project goals and outcome tracking to capture and monitor estimated and validated cost and value of ideas, ensure the right ideas are being implemented. Integrations with key enterprise systems, such as project management tools, mean that innovation projects don’t languish and get lost.

Metrics & Reporting

Understand your idea pipeline with a portfolio view that does more than just tell you how many ideas you collected - but also shows the realised and unrealised value of the ideas captured, selected and rejected. Start with standard metrics and KPIs and develop your own for ROI and return on engagement (ROE). Know who is participating, identify bottlenecks and create role-based dashboards to share information from senior stakeholders to your crowd.

Reward & Recognise

People are at the heart of all good ideas. A successful innovation programme isn’t complete without the regular recognition and celebration of ideas and the individuals who’ve brought them to life. Use gamification and leader boards to encourage people to actively participate. Highlight success and celebrate wins with stories on the home page – ensuring that your crowd stays engaged and motivated throughout the entire innovation process.

Use the reward and recognition tools to highlight and celebrate more than just your financial success. Remember to broadcast both lessons learned and failures, to remind your crowd that risk is allowed and necessary for a truly successful innovation programme.

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