Wazoku Idea Management Software

Built for the Enterprise

  • Your one-stop solution for engaging employees, partners, customers, SMEs, and beyond in your innovation and change programmes
  • Built for impact, architected for scale and integrated across the enterprise-stack
  • Our AI-enabled Collective Intelligence platform supports the world’s leading enterprises to drive continuous improvement, innovation and sustainability outcomes at scale

Flexible, intuitive and connected

Ideas are the currency of a successful organisation. Our Idea Management software is a flexible, intuitive tool to uncover new opportunities from within your business and beyond. It allows you to:

  • Generate and capture ideas
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop those ideas and evaluate
  • Prioritise and select
  • Resource the best ideas following through to execution
  • Measure your ideas pipeline with standard and custom metrics and KPIs
  • All the tools you need to reward and recognise people, ideas, success and learning

Improve, transform and collaborate

  • Power your continuous improvement or business transformation programmes and break into new markets by identifying new products and services
  • Collaborate with academia, start-ups or your supply chain, whilst you strategically align business objectives to your innovation ambitions
  • Host innovation competitions, such as hackathons or CEO Innovation Challenges
  • Streamline your awards process to reward people, ideas and achievements

AI-enabled, living solutions library

  • Wazoku’s Idea Management software allows you to build a living library of solutions, knowledge, insight and opportunity from the people who know your business best – your workforce, partners and customers
  • Our AI-driven platform ensures that every idea or solution is available when the organisation is ready and able to capitalise on it

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