Enterprise Innovation Platform

Delivering successful innovation at scale is hard. Our unique approach enables you to thrive within a rapidly evolving environment. We will help you build a sustainable culture of innovation that delivers consistent success.

  • One enterprise-grade platform: Your Global Home for Innovation
  • One highly effective framework for driving innovation outcomes
  • Two highly flexible solutions
  • Four audiences to drive innovation at scale
  • Unlimited Possibilities

Drive sustainable innovation at scale with our modular Enterprise Innovation Platform. It’s a suite of tools and services that provides you with everything you need to power internal, external and open innovation across your global organization.

Key features

  • Unparalleled innovation at scale capability: inside-in, inside-out, outside-in software and expertise
  • Enterprise-grade platform that’s secure, flexible and integrated
  • The world’s largest on-demand open innovation community of over 500,000 innovators
  • Pull risk forward and push cost back, to deliver a proven ROI through our Challenge Driven InnovationTM (CDI) methodology

Everything in one place

Ideas are the currency of a successful organisation. Our Idea Management software is a flexible, intuitive platform to uncover new opportunities from within your business and beyond.

  • Generate, capture, prioritise and select ideas
  • Engage employees, partners, customers, SMEs, and beyond in your innovation and change programmes
  • Measure your ideas pipeline with standard and custom metrics and KPIs
  • All the tools you need to reward and recognise people, ideas, success and learning
  • Built for impact, architected for scale and integrated across the enterprise-stack
  • Power your continuous improvement or business transformation programmes and break into new markets by identifying new products and services
  • Host innovation competitions, such as hackathons or CEO Innovation Challenges
  • Build a living library of solutions, knowledge, insight and opportunity from the people who know your business best – your workforce, partners and customers

A World of Innovators at your Fingertips

Using our Open Innovation Marketplace, you can augment the insights, skills and experience of your employees, partners, supply chain and customers with our 500,000 strong OneSmartCrowdTM:

Experienced support at every stage

Our PhD educated Challenge Design Consultants and Customer Success Consultants provide expertise, broad experience and a flexible approach to support in embedding innovation at scale across your organization.

We’re with you for the journey!

  • Our proven and structured on-boarding programme provides the foundational training and support to ensure we set you up for success from the start
  • Challenge Design: our PhD Challenge Design Consultants manage the design and delivery of effective and engaging Open Innovation challenges
  • Your dedicated Customer Success Consultants will support you and your team through the whole journey:
    • Capability building: accredited learning pathways, collaborative coaching, workshops or facilitated training sessions for developing organizational capability across the challenge life-cycle (building the challenge pipeline, training catalysts, developing advocates, playbooks and guides, local to global structures etc.)
    • Capacity building: a range of tailored support to help build enterprise-wide scale into your programme
    • Impact reporting: with a proven ROI in months, we support in setting up tailored reports, pipeline tracking, outcomes metrics and more
  • Connect with a global community of like-minded people from across our customer base. Regular meet ups, webinars and peer learning sessions across the community on curated topics of interest

Challenge Driven Innovation

Challenge Driven Innovation is our proprietary innovation methodology that accelerates traditional innovation outcomes by leveraging open innovation and crowdsourcing along with defined methodology, process and tools to help organizations develop and implement actionable solutions to their key problems, opportunities and Challenges at unprecedented scale.

Benefits of Challenge Driven Innovation

Challenge Driven Innovation (CDI) is a transformative approach to innovation which recognizes that ideas are everywhere, but solutions are more elusive and highly valued. The CDI methodology helps organizations to establish the process, discipline and communication necessary for continuous and sustained impact. In short, CDI can produce several key benefits to organizations, including:

What is a challenge?

In its most basic form, a Challenge is a well-formed problem statement, with a clearly defined process and whose solution has value to a company.

Where Innovation Works

Our experienced team will work hand-in-hand with you to deliver your innovation outcomes:

  • Our PhD-educated Challenge Design Consultants work with you to deliver successful solutions to your innovation challenges or train you as accredited CDI Practitioners
  • We are pioneers in Crowdsourced Innovation & the CDI and have the track record to prove it, with
    • Over 2,500 Challenges run
    • Over 200,000 solutions proposed
    • Over $60,000,000 in prizes awarded
  • 80% challenge success rate
  • A proven open innovation ROI of 182% in under 2-months (Forrester)
  • Open Innovation is 10x cheaper and 4x faster than traditional innovation methods

Discover how we’ve helped our customers achieve spectacular results by building a sustainable culture of innovation.

Learn how you can solve your organisation’s biggest challenges and drive needs-based, structured innovation at scale.

Find out how you can drive innovation throughout your organisation with help and support from our team.