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Connect and collaborate securely

Wazoku’s best-in-class security capabilities make it easier to scout with confidence. Bring new partners on board and communicate with SMEs and start-ups on your terms.

Tech Scouting from Wazoku


Let the start-ups come to you. Start-ups register their interest in working with you, creating a bank of scouting opportunities that are readily available to your organization.


Evaluate and track start-up registrations through a configurable workflow, enabling the oversight of who is in contact with you and where they are in the process.


Drive engagement with scouting Challenges, tapping into the Wazoku Crowd to find organizations and SMEs you are interested in collaborating or partnering with.


Wazoku’s dedicated start-up Scouters that find the prospective partners and collaborators you’re looking for. Wazoku’s scouting as a service offering puts the power in your hands, dictating your interests so that the start-ups can be found for you.


Track the success of your program through configurable analytics. Building dashboards to showcase the number of engagements, the effectiveness of your process, and the impact driven for your organization across a variety of metrics.

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Innovate faster

Scouting without the struggle

Scouting you can manage
By including scouting within your innovation platform, you can easily track and make changes to your scouting activity. Use data to analyze and optimize the way in which you scout for new partners and tech opportunities.
Supporting your wider goals
Everything you do with Wazoku aligns innovation to your organizational goals: scouting is no different. Identify opportunities you scout for against the criteria that will benefit your entire program.
Connect and collaborate securely
Wazoku’s best-in-class security capabilities make it easier to scout with confidence. Bring new partners on board and communicate with SMEs and start-ups on your terms.
Evolution without the risk
Scouting puts you face-to-face with the unknown, but that shouldn’t mean that everything is a gamble. Evaluating quickly allows ideas and partnerships that go nowhere to fail fast, meaning that you only invest big money in scouting that works.

MOD Webinar

Aligning with Strategy and Policy

The UK Defence Solutions Center (UKDC) oversee strategy and policy documents coming out of Defence, other areas of government, and industry. This sits alongside Scouting work with academia to bring everything together when identifying overlaps.

Where teams see overlaps and shared Challenges, the MoD uses publicly available data from the web to identify numerous factors:

  • Which companies are operating in the space
  • Defining their specialties
  • Where their funding comes from
  • The types of products they produce to the market

Once teams have built a picture against this Challenge, UKDSC will scout them with the cross-sector offering.


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We give you a direct line to the businesses and technology of the future, with tools that make easier collaboration an everyday activity. Wazoku’s Scouting-as-a-Service gives you the power to transform your business, no matter your needs. While competitors continue to only problem solve internally, you will move ahead of the curve and produce competitive advantage that lasts.

Innovate better

Your future starts here

The next generation of scouting is here
To compete and stay ahead, you’ve got to identify and implement the latest technology. Without it, you’ll be left behind. Scouting-as-a-Service with Wazoku connects you to the knowledge of what will help you build this advantage and the contacts of who will work with you to make it reality.
Break the mould and move ahead of the curve
While your competition struggles by only tackling problems internally, you can get ahead by utilizing Scouting-as-a-Service. The Wazoku platform supports quick and comprehensive insights to unlock value from the opportunities you identify.
Smarter decisions and delivery lead to better investments
Search for new technologies in a few different ways. You will explore options by technology type, IP and patent rights, or industry-specific innovations – all so that you can find what works best for you. Only spend money on technologies and partnerships that work.
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Product screenshot

Innovate smarter

A roadmap for success

Breakthrough technologies waiting to be discovered
With Wazoku, you’ll begin Scouting-as-a-Service with landscape mapping. This helps you look at diverse sources such as grants, patents, trademarks, journals, and web monitoring.
Build a premier Scouting community securely
Wazoku’s Scouting-as-a-Service doesn’t just help you understand the opportunity: it supports your whole journey. From developing the Challenge, through to creating a bespoke community of perfect technology partners or SMEs for your business. This enables you to comprehensively follow, engage, and interact with potential partners in a secure environment.

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