Make the most of the ideas across your company with Internal Innovation.

People across your organization know how you can be doing things better. Wazoku enables you to gather, test, and implement solutions faster and more effectively.

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Use Wazoku to ensure innovation becomes an everyday practice.

Wazoku has a proud history of supporting businesses in creating a culture that allows organizations to effectively solve their biggest problems and explore their most exciting opportunities.

Fostering internal innovation that involves your entire employee base maximizes the scope and impact that your innovation program will have. A lack of strategic alignment, no centralized view of an innovation program, and a failure to engage employees are common hurdles that stand in the way of achieving this goal.
Building this culture that sees innovation as an everyday practice won’t happen overnight. Indeed, when surveyed, though 81% of companies have an innovation strategy in place, one fifth of those asked don’t believe that the strategy is well defined or communicated.

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With Wazoku Internal Innovation, you get:

Up and Running

Purpose-built software that utilizes templates and best practices to start managing innovation quickly and simply.

Proven Process

A proven Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology that delivers faster and better innovation results while minimizing risk.

Intuitive Insights

An AI-powered innovation platform that builds engagement and supports secure collaboration from the word “go”. Incentivize, recognize, and reward ideas, creating a sustainable internal innovation.


Advanced Analytics that support configurable, personalized reporting on how your projects are driving impact.


Enhanced internal capabilities through Wazoku Academy training and access to Innovation Consultants, supporting your ability to easily upskill your entire organization in innovation delivery.

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Innovate faster

A better innovation workflow

Purpose-built for digital innovation
Wazoku is the leading innovation management software on the market. Use our AI-powered platform to collaborate and co-create with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Use the power of your everyday innovators
Your employees are your secret innovation weapon. With Wazoku, they all have the power to make real, lasting change that is aligned to wider company goals.
Integrated with your key tools
The Wazoku platform is integrated across the enterprise stack, meaning you can innovate through your existing systems. We make it easy to deliver change as part of your everyday work.

Innovate better

A more intelligent platform

Configurable analytics that give valuable insights
Advanced Analytics can be embedded anywhere in the platform, giving you a granular and universal view of your Challenges and overall program. Build reports, rectify process issues, and repeatedly celebrate success with data supporting your every decision.
Lay the foundations for true internal innovation
Build processes that enable anyone in your organization to identify problems, frame them into Challenges, and capture solutions that drive real value. As this capacity grows, more people will want to be involved in a process that is both transparent and rewarding.
Enterprise-ready and built to grow with you
Whether you’re just starting out or want to extend innovation across your organization, Wazoku has you covered. We give you access to an ever-expanding audience to solve problems and explore opportunities with: whenever you need them.
Future-proofing your program
With our dedicated Customer Success team by your side, you will develop integrated solutions that sustain company-wide innovation capabilities. Leverage benchmarking, maturity reports, and our recommendations to make your innovation scalable and sustainable.
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Customer Story

The SSCL Way

“We didn’t just want an innovative tool or a strategy. We wanted to evolve as an innovative organization. We decided to work with Wazoku because they are a dynamic company and a great cultural fit. The Wazoku platform is easy to use and supported our strategy.”

// Rachel Summers – Director of Operational Excellence, Strategy, and Transformation at SSCL

“80% of employees attended ‘The SSCL Way’, a highly successful employee engagement program, powered by Wazoku. ‘The SSCL Way’ was the winner of an IdeasUK award in the ‘People & Organization’ category.

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Enterprise Solutions

Continuous Improvement

Run specific Challenges to your employees, leveraging their perspectives on daily tasks and how to most effectively improve.

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Digital Transformation

A single home for innovation makes transformation less risky and more likely to succeed. We’ve helped global businesses identify issues faster & bring their entire organization along with them, building their digital future.

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Product/Service Development

Developing existing products or services with critical employee insights has never been easier. We eliminate the stress and risk of upgrading your offering.

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Research & Innovation

Discover and refine what works alongside your people, without spending money on ideas that go nowhere.

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We’ve supported businesses in maximizing sustainability innovations, delivering opportunities worth billions of dollars, and making future growth more sustainable.

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Customer Experience

Link customer pain points to Challenges through front-line employee insights. Better informed decision making that improves customer experience.

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