Connect with industry partners and drive progress in Innovation Networks

Run collaborative innovation projects with customers, partners, and other organizations inside and outside of your sector, solving problems and exploring opportunities together.

Your seat on a Wazoku Innovation Network gives you and other key leaders the ability to stop talking about problems – and start solving them.

Every sector has plenty of conferences that talk about addressing the future, but these events are disconnected from real change. They lack the platform, process, and people to turn ideas into action. Wazoku Innovation Networks cut through all the talk.

Build secure collaboration and co-creation where there used to be only competition for funding. It’s a place where you have the insights, tools, and support to take real action against industry-wide challenges.

Solve problems faster, better, and with less resource: all in a space that boasts enterprise-grade security features. Consistently lead the way in your industry with the exclusive connections to make a real difference.

The Wazoku Innovation Networks have been designed to upskill innovation practitioners in how to practice Joint Innovation with industry partners, with a special focus on delivering sustainable processes to manage it.

What's included?

12 lectures
from leading academics and practitioners on the theory and practice of Joint Innovation.
Monthly focus groups
to complete the required steps for identifying and running a Joint Innovation Challenge with others in the Health and Life Sciences Sectors.
In-person workshop
ahead of the IdeasUK conference in November 2023, including additional lectures, breakout sessions, and skills training on Joint Innovation.
Access to a shared community on the Wazoku Platform
to run Joint Innovation Challenges.
Access to the Wazoku Crowd,
the world’s largest and most diverse group of problem solvers with 700,000 members across 200 countries to crowdsource solutions from.
The opportunity to network
with other organizations outside of the Health and Life Sciences Sectors who are also participating in parallel programs.
Repeatable frameworks and materials
on how to successfully run Joint Innovation Programs to support other innovation initiatives inside and outside the Health and Life Sciences Sectors.

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