Build relationships by innovating with key strategic partners

An AI-powered software to enable you to connect, collaborate, and co-create with customers, suppliers, and more to build an always-on ecosystem for innovation.

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Purpose-built for innovation with your strategic partners.

Wazoku makes it easy to generate value from anywhere in your supply chain. Use our AI-powered platform to collaborate and co-create across your network.

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Innovation with Wazoku

Why you should embrace co-creation.

You may already be involving your entire business in the process of solving your biggest problems and exploring new opportunities. However, co-creating and collaborating beyond that boundary opens the door to a world of potential solutions.

Working alongside your extended supply chain, with your customers, and even an open innovation crowd, you will ensure a higher success rate in all your innovation outcomes.

Everything you need

With Wazoku Co-Creation, you get all the Internal Innovation benefits, as well as:

Insights from Anywhere

The ability to collect solutions from a broader, more diverse crowd.


The ability to evaluate solutions alongside a panel of experts in your network.


Private spaces for specific partners to collaborate on problems for mutual benefit.


A secure, configurable platform that gives you complete control over access and contributions, wherever they’re coming from.

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Co-Creation with Wazoku

Connect with confidence

Purpose-built for innovation with your external networks
Wazoku makes it easy to generate value from anywhere in your supply chain. Use our AI-powered platform to collaborate and co-create across your network.
Securely connect your ecosystem
Wazoku enables any organization to connect, collaborate, and innovate with any crowd of partners, suppliers, or customers. We ensure that everyone who needs visibility of your program has it, without compromising security, building an innovation portfolio that snowballs in value.
Integrated with your key tools
The Wazoku platform is integrated across the enterprise stack, meaning you can innovate through your existing systems.


Customers are the lifeblood of any business – why not ask them for ideas to improve?

Whether you’re trialling a new line of products or want to know where to take your customer programs next, Wazoku is the number one tool for maximizing customer experience.

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Co-Creation with Wazoku

Built for growth

Configurable analytics support your every move
Control what data you see and when you see it. Motivate your entire supply chain and build a culture of innovation that ensures you never stop improving. Create reports, rectify process issues, and repeatedly celebrate success with data underpinning every decision.
Enterprise-ready and built to grow with you
Whether you’re just starting out or want to extend innovation across your entire supply chain, Wazoku has you covered. We give you the ability to involve audiences to solve problems and explore opportunities with, whenever you need them.


Effectively meeting the challenges of cost reduction, sustainability, and more is impossible to do without insights from your external networks.

Wazoku gives you crucial visibility, breaking down barriers in your supply chain by bringing everyone together under one roof. Reduce risk, cost, and delay by collaborating with who you supply and those who supply you.

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Co-Creation with Wazoku

Work with the experts

All the expertise you need for landing a successful innovation program
Our dedicated Customer Success team are experienced in crowd engagement. They’re on hand to help you both launch your innovation Challenges to new audiences and track the eventual success of implementation. Find that your business needs upskilling to see the real benefit? Tap into the Wazoku Academy to discover how to effectively generate problem statements that lead to successful Challenges.

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