Wazoku Product and Services Specifications

Wazoku Onboarding Services
Quick platform provisioning and training

Wazoku’s Onboarding Services are provided by Wazoku to support the Client in either their first step into Idea Management or augmenting their existing strategy and capabilities and includes the services and support detailed in this Schedule 3.

Following the Order Date, the SaaS Services can usually be deployed immediately, and a new idea management site will be live within 48 hours from contract agreement. Wazoku’s team of Innovation Experts work in partnership with the Client to provide the following services and support as part of the Onboarding Services.

Onboarding Services included:


  • Dedicated Product Expert
  • As many calls & online / on-site meetings as needed to make the platform successful for the long term in the business
  • Interactive training – engaging sessions for the Client groups learning via using the platform
  • Audience engagement planning – expertise to ensure the platform is well adopted and utilised on an ongoing basis
  • Best practice advice from a broad range of industries and platform use cases to help build idea management workflows
  • Guidance on strategies to ensure the platform achieves desired goals. Setting out the path for the platform’s growth and development within the business.
  • Technical integration / API support where required to make the most of platform extensions
  • Full project schedule shared throughout to ensure launch timelines are met

Continued Support and Success planning:

  • Customer Success Manager assigned to the Client to work in partnership on how to continue user engagement, support the growth of innovation strategies and develop an ‘innovation culture’ in the business
  • Quarterly account review meetings (as a minimum)
  • Access to customer communities, thought-leadership and networking events
  • Access to regular webinars, training events, product roadmap updates, release updates and customer newsletters throughout contract
  • Customer Service helpdesk within app & via email to answer unlimited questions or provide assistance with system changes

Onboarding Services Sessions include:

  • Kick-off meeting:
    • Meeting with the Client’s project team & key stakeholders to discuss roll-out plans.
    • Ensure timeline and objectives are clear and set project timelines and plan in motion
    • Scope out any initial technical integrations or SSO requirements with the Client’s IT representatives.
    • Invite the Client project team to their live Idea Spotlight platform to begin customisation and training process.
  • Technical requirements:
    • Further scoping around Single Sign On / Wazoku integrations / APIs with the Client IT contacts.
    • Agile implementation of technical or integration components into live site throughout Onboarding phase.
  • Interactive & iterative training:
    • Live training for the Client’s project team within the Idea Spotlight platform, online and face to face sessions
    • Training on creating challenges & workflows in classroom environment.
    • Run live Challenges with project team and/or initial user groups to test workflows and processes.
    • Review with Onboarding Services team, learnings and process improvements taken forward.
    • Iterate and repeat as required until site ready for wider launch.
  • Launch and Success planning:
    • Providing suggested best practice advice and guidance on audience communications planning prior to full launch
    • Full review of site content and collateral to support launch.
    • Review initial challenge workflows and process.
    • Process planning and platform management to ensure success with scalable and sustainable long term use.
    • Support during launch period to ensure tracking to first successful ideas and platform goals to establish value realisation.
    • Handover to Customer Success Manager and ongoing planning.

Idea Generation & Capture

  • Templates – create repeatable processes with Challenge templates that provide quick setup and ensure consistent processes and workflow for capturing and implementing Ideas.
  • Configurable workflows – select from ‘always on’ workflows that provide a constant stream of new ideas or episodic workflows to address specific business needs.
  • Target an audience or cast a wide net – depending on your needs, invite everyone to participate, or target a specific segment with Smart Groups that automatically manage enrolment based on specific profile attributes such as job function or location.
  • Go private when necessary – have the option to create private Challenges when necessary to capture ideas on confidential topics or themes, or have private ideas within a Challenge to support competitions.
  • Keep Ideas flowing with task management – admin tools for Challenge Managers ensure that ideas move through the process freely to help ensure tasks are completed on time.
  • Metrics to measure success – set Challenge objectives and track results, using the data to identify bottlenecks and measure success continuously.

Idea Spotlight makes it is easier to capture and develop these ideas

  • Mobile – support idea capture with a web platform accessible from any supported browser on – phone, tablet or desktop – or the Wazoku Idea App that supports online & offline submissions and development on iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Transparent – evaluation decisions, status updates and workflow status are all visible and transparent so everyone understands where and how ideas are being progressed, but allow privacy when appropriate.
  • Outcome-driven – ask Idea Creators to estimate the value of their Ideas when created or track requests for grants or innovation funds to pursue an idea.
  • Related – link related ideas to develop and implement similar ideas together and avoid duplicative efforts.
  • Exportable – export ideas when you need to share them offline or include in presentations.

Metrics & Reporting

Use configurable metrics and reporting to measure the results important to your business.

  • Portfolio view of ideas & projects - monitor and compare success across a Challenge, community or your entire platform to have a truer picture of the value generated by ideas across the business.
  • Configurable KPIs & metrics – select the metrics that are most relevant to your business.
    • ROI – understand the value of selected and implemented ideas, but also the opportunity cost of ideas that are not actioned because of lack of resources or senior business sponsorship.
    • Engagement & activity – monitor your engagement and activity to inform your communication and engagement strategy and activities to ensure you are effectively reaching your intended crowd.
    • Innovation Archetypes – understand your crowd better – whether creators, contributors or lurkers – to tailor communications to best leverage each archetype's contributions