What is Process Improvement?


Discover, implement and maintain best improvement practices to maximise your organisation’s efficiency and productivity.

Continuously improve the quality of your products and services to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Making incremental changes to fundamental processes will result in increased efficiency and maximised value and productivity. Process improvement must be an integral part of a company’s model and its innovation culture. By constantly refining and upgrading your organisational and business processes you will achieve measurable innovation success.

How do you achieve continuous process improvement?

Expertise is much closer and easier to access than you imagine. With process improvement tools, you can easily tap into the existing know-how that you have at hand: learn how to efficiently manage knowledge and facilitate the connection and incubation of ideas.

Engaging your employees and external stakeholders in ideation and co-creation will help you to successfully drive continuous process improvement. It is important that you build a socially collaborative environment in which multiple stakeholders will feel encouraged and free to work together towards continuous improvement. Bring them together to collaborate, co-create and generate solutions to key issues. Encourage them to identify improvement suggestions and solutions to big AND small problems. Innovation is not merely about creating great, game-changing ideas. Successful process improvement is a result of small, incremental changes.


Process improvement does require an underlying strategy, therefore it is important that you identify and target the areas that require immediate amelioration before you get started. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used as a metric to measure success in your process improvement strategy. Your KPIs will need to be set when setting goals and of course, they will need to be correct and relevant.

Finally, do make sure you have the right idea management tools.

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.
Mark Twain

How Idea Spotlight can help you:

Idea Spotlight is an idea management software platform which provides the structure to capture, evaluate, prioritise and review ideas. It is a highly flexible and social tool that allows you to build secure communities for innovation, consultation, stakeholder dialogue and insight and to engage these communities in helping to solve complex challenges and key issues. It enables your stakeholders to create and evaluate ideas with an equal voice. Informal peer networks can collaborate, refine and vote on ideas.

Idea management software will help you to improve processes in a social and creative way. You will be able to gamify your process improvement strategy and make it more inclusive by setting challenges to your stakeholders and encouraging social interaction around challenges and ideas.

The user experience is an engaging and positive one. Ideas spark more ideas: seeing a stream of ideas flowing through the organisation’s platform will encourage other users to tweak and comment on their peers’ ideas and to submit their own.

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