Process Excellence with Suggestion Software

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There are a lot of huge benefits to utilising a crowd to accomplish a task. In terms of funding, the ability to raise a large amount of money with small donations from a number of people has already proven effective. Suggestion software is essentially crowdsourcing for ideas, but idea management takes it a step further. With idea management, you don’t just source ideas from a crowd, but you have the tools to manage them. With a crowd contributing not just towards pitching ideas, but helping you hone them, there are multiple benefits, among them being improved efficiency.

While it seems like a no-brainer that improved efficiency benefits businesses, sometimes it’s not an easy concept for businesses to get around. Or, they don’t clearly see how idea management can improve efficiency. What’s normally referred to as “process excellence” is simply about incremental changes that can help make a company run quicker and smoother. We’ve shared the video below with our networks before, but it provides an excellent example of how efficiency creates visual benefits:


Fitting eight rooms into one space isn’t about one huge idea that solves the whole problem instantly, and we find with our clients that quite often their best ideas and greatest improvements aren’t just one off eureka moments that instantly solve all the issues. Instead, it’s about the small things that combine to make an overall useful solution. When we discuss process improvement to increase efficiency with companies, this example is exactly what we’re referring to. Your ability to find the small solutions that eventually smooth out your operations can be just as rewarding for your business, if not more, than a big, flashy idea.

Continuous improvement is part of the overall puzzle of idea management and most knowledgeable individuals will tell you that ideas often come from improving upon what you already have. Often this is a process that has to not only involve employees but also clients, customers, and/or stakeholders, which is one of reasons why we think a consultation or survey option is essential for companies who have constituents, clients, customers, or other audiences that they need feedback on. Software that allows you to harness not just your own ideas, but the ideas of consumers, will not only be able to help you encourage continuous process improvement, but it will also give you a chance to interact with different groups and keep them engaged in your company.

Process and continuous improvement are both ways of utilising your existing network to improve upon your current services or products. In many ways, both of these approaches are about making small changes to how businesses do things which result in huge improvements. If you’re considering establishing idea management software within your own company, ensure that you don’t just have your eyes on the big ideas, but you’re also considering how you continuously improve your processes.