Printable light

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I always laugh when I hear people say that ‘everything has been invented’ or ‘surely people can’t come up with anything surprising anymore’. I laugh because despite constant proof in contrary, a lot of people still have this mindset. I’m writing this today because I’ve just come across something that is truly surprising and so innovative that it is almost like it came out of a sci-fi film: Rohinni’s LightPaper. It’s the kind of thing that would prove my friends wrong!

What is LightPaper? It’s literally ¬†light as thin as paper. Does this sound like some sort of witchcraft? Not at all, it’s all the product of technological progress and innovation – simply put, it’s the smallest LED lights, mixed with ink and printed on a conductive layer. Attach current and voila’, you have paper that lights up.

This is the kind of product that can truly revolutionise the way we think of our living spaces – soon there won’t be a need for bulky light fixtures on our walls, or even lamp posts (the culprit of many an accident). I think there’s a strong possibility of this being a disruptive technology, as light will never be the same ever again.

The company’s strapline is “Imagine the Possibilities”. To me right now they seem to be endless, but we’ll have to wait, as it won’t be launched until 2015.