Idea Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry

In a highly regulated environment, Wazoku helps pharmaceutical companies adopt a more innovative approach to business.

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For pharma companies, the world is changing dramatically and they are facing many challenges to ensure they stay competitive:


  • Regulatory bodies put extra scrutiny on pharma firms when it comes to more innovative approaches to medicine
  • Patients are more inquisitive about improvements to existing drugs or novel drugs
  • Funds available must be mapped to the higher risk thresholds for transformative therapies
  • Budgets need to be spent wisely so return-on-investment can be measured
  • A growing need to innovate beyond medicine
  • Employees want a safe environment and inclusion on direction of research projects
  • Companies need to learn from past successes and failures and to collaborate across departments and with patients

How do you decide to make an incremental improvement or launch a novel product?

Where do you provide secure spaces for research collaboration or generating new ideas for innovation?


Implementing Innovative Ideas in the Conservative Environment of a Large Corporation Visit now

    Wazoku helps pharmaceutical companies begin or extend their innovation programmes with our 100% secure and flexible idea management platform.

    How can the pharma sector innovate with idea management?

    • Introduce transformative therapies to market

      Access the right funds, breaking into new markets and finding additional sources of revenue. Learn how

    • Decide what approach to take

      Be it making an incremental improvement or launching a novel product. Learn how

    • Collaborate between departments

      Give employees the opportunity to access and build upon the corporate memory whilst engaging in meaningful research. Learn how

    • Focus on the patient’s journey

      Put their needs and wishes to the fore. Learn how

    • Join forces with Biotech

      Solve problems, be more future-proof, drive new tech enhancements and protect intellectual property. Learn how

    • Adapt/change legacy systems

      Outdated technology can be a huge barrier to innovation. Collect, evaluate and implement ideas for change and optimisation. Learn how

    • Safety in the lab

      Give staff as much freedom as possible within a strict regulatory framework, in a safe environment. Learn how


    See how we've helped our pharma customers innovate:

    Global Pharmaceutical Company

    Captured research projects from 130,000 employees, saving millions by minimising duplication of effort and providing corporate memory of all projects with cross-functional collaboration.
    Driven by employee need, the Safety Innovation Challenge, run for three years in a row, discovered new and simple ways to make employees safer and increase their satisfaction.

    A Large, American Pharmaceutical Company

    To cultivate an innovative mindset and a culture of learning, iterating and failing, a challenge was created to document all failed ideas by 24,000 employees.
    Capture the crowd's ideas before and during events, to support collaboration and development of new products & services.

    "Implementing Innovative Ideas in the Conservative Environment of a Large Corporation"