Idea Management for Leaders in Supply Chain

Learn how you and your team can foster a culture of innovation through gathering, evaluating and implementing ideas.


Given the importance of a fully functioning and smooth-running supply chain, you are a pivotal role within any business.

You're responsible for constantly improving the productivity, quality, and efficiency of the supply chain, from selecting vendors to the purchasing and inventory of goods and materials.

A supply chain is vast and complicated and there is a lot of potential for it to go wrong.

This means your role must be reactive as well as proactive and comes with many challenges:

Knowledge sharing is vital to any supply chain – how can you make sure this happens effectively?

How can you realistically gain further efficiency and cost savings with suppliers when you feel like everything is already optimised?

Collaboration on innovation across the supply chain is important but it’s a challenge to engage and interact with so many disparate parties.

Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight is the ideal solution to encourage the collaboration and knowledge sharing that is so important to a modern supply chain.

It can make your life easier in many ways, such as:

  • It is made and designed for collaboration around new ideas and allows you to expand your idea community across a far wider group of stakeholders.

  • Instead of keeping supplier relationships in silos, efficiencies can now be shared across the supply chain as and when appropriate.

  • It can help align organisational and market strategy.

Wazoku's Idea Spotlight tool was by far the best interface our team evaluated - very user friendly and required little support to use and maintain. Also, it provides very good value for the functionality available. The fact it's accessible anywhere, on any device was also hugely appealing for our global teams.

Laurant Dupraz, Director of Innovation Services, World's largest, private perfume & flavour company

One Supply Chain Challenge. One idea. €200,000 investment and millions saved.

At the world's largest, private perfume & flavour company, one of their Supply Chain Challenges was solved using Idea Spotlight, addressed the cost of missing samples and inventory. With diverse locations and mass inventories, the firm was finding stock was misplaced and locating it was proving difficult. An idea suggesting the use of geo-localisation tracking technology to find inventory at the touch of a button received €200,000 test funding.

The idea was implemented successfully and today the business estimates the potential cost savings over 5 years as being in the millions.