Idea Management for Leaders of R&D and Product Development

Learn how you and your team can foster a culture of innovation through gathering, evaluating and implementing ideas.


Working in R&D is a pressurised role. You are responsible for improving existing products and services, as well coming up with new and more exciting versions.

You must demonstrate progress with board, often against a backdrop of demands and deadlines.

Working in R&D can feel like a constant juggling act. You must:

Navigate the requests of customer-facing staff, customers themselves and the demands of the board with what is actually achievable from your design team.

Have a clearly defined structure and strategy to your front-end innovation. You need to understand what you are trying to achieve and have a vision for how to achieve this.

Be mindful of keeping good ideas – what isn’t useful right now could be ground-breaking in a year or so.

Accommodate multiple ideation approaches and philosophies.

Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight and a successful R&D department go hand-in-hand. In a world that is ever more customer-centric, using Wazoku enables you to:

  • Engage customers in the innovation process and then tailor products to suit customer requirements, improving loyalty and ultimately the bottom line.

  • Connect front-end to back-end and ensure they are collaborating and working effectively.

  • Retain smart ideas to be deployed as and when the need arises in the future.

Idea Spotlight is well thought out from start to finish. The software offers me a multitude of different possibilities and provides all options to map our innovation management processes individually and strategically. In this way, we can design the development process, the evaluation and the implementation of ideas according to the respective task or goal.

The possibilities to follow the actions on the platform via the built-in analysis tools are excellent. This gives us a clear picture of our innovation plans and the achievement of our goals. Read more.

Christoph S., Manager Innovation Management
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