Idea Management for Leaders in Legal

Learn how you and your team can foster a culture of innovation through gathering, evaluating and implementing ideas.


You have a very important and highly specialised role that involves overseeing the legality of everything that your company engages in, as well as providing general legal advice to the rest of the business.

You must provide counsel to the board on all matters of the law and should anything not meet legal requirements, the buck will stop with you.

The law generally, and legal teams specifically, are duty bound to approach things in a certain way.


While in some ways this can make your life easier, it also throws up certain challenges:

The legal industry is one that needs modernising, with many processes remaining the same for decades.

Because the law is so traditional it doesn’t leave much room for innovation and new ideas.

Time is budgeted on an hourly basis, meaning freeing up time for innovation isn’t easy.

While innovation opportunities are more limited in the legal sector, that’s not to say that there are none at all, and Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight is the most effective way of driving innovation. Idea Spotlight can:

  • Increase collaboration that deepens understanding of the legal department across the business and can generate ideas for improvement.

  • Generate ideas that can be used outside the main legal team, such as new legal tech start-ups.

  • Help modernise the industry via new ideas and approaches to traditional processes.

How One Global Law Firm Is Tapping The Power Of The Crowd To Innovate:

Using the platform to capture, record and showcase ideas has very much become a way of working within the Legal Technology Group.

Leadership at A&O has a vision for the firm to become a second-generation innovation business—ultimately, the platform acts as an enabler, giving staff unprecedented access to innovation resources.

Nitish Upadhyaya, Senior Innovation Manager, A&O