Idea Management for Innovation Leaders

Learn how you and your team can foster a culture of innovation through gathering, evaluating and implementing ideas.


It’s your responsibility to drive innovation across the organisation. You oversee the overall strategy and management, from choosing the right tools to ensuring innovation is prioritised front and centre throughout the business.

A major challenge is often the lack of clear strategy, vision or definition of what 'innovation' means to the business.

Then think about:

Budget and c-suite backing to really deliver on your innovation objectives.

Your ability to keep track of all your innovation projects in a central repository.

Digital tracking of your innovation pipeline.

Idea from development to launch take time, which makes staying competitive that much harder.

Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight is the ideal solution for anyone that works in innovation.

From the beginning, Wazoku’s team will help ensure you align your innovation strategy with your company strategy, set goals to track progress, spend and ROI, as well as get you started with the platform.

Idea Spotlight offers a:

  • Holistic view of all innovation projects, making it easy for you to see the pipeline at a glance

  • Much more structured approach to innovation, meaning more effective and quicker idea development

  • Simple administration of different approaches to idea management – bottom-up, top-down – meeting the needs of different innovation projects across the business and more effectively aligning innovation to overall company strategy and goals

Idea Spotlight is well thought out from start to finish. The software offers me a multitude of different possibilities and provides all options to map our innovation management processes individually and strategically. In this way, we can design the development process, the evaluation and the implementation of ideas according to the respective task or goal. The possibilities to follow the actions on the platform via the built-in analysis tools are excellent. This gives us a clear picture of our innovation plans and the achievement of our goals.
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Christoph S., Manager Innovation Management
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