Idea Management for Human Resources Leaders

Learn how you and your team can foster a culture of innovation through gathering, evaluating and implementing ideas.


HR staff are among the most important in any business. Not only are you responsible for ensuring the organisation attracts the best talent, but you also need to create an engaging and rewarding workplace environment, with work / life balance to the fore, and drive any required cultural changes in terms of diversity and inclusion.

HR can feel like a constant series of challenges. You must identify the best talent, reduce risk by ensuring policies and procedures are understood and adhered to across the business. All the while creating a great place to work where people want to stay and grow.


All of this requires you to:

Undertake constant negotiation with the board in terms of how best to approach this and how much budget is required to achieve it.

Engage constantly with your employees and agree on the type of workplace you all want. E.g an inclusive and diverse environment that empowers and rewards people.

Face significant administrative challenges and set up a wide array of processes that meet HR requirements from onboarding to appraisals.

Employee ideas and contributions are at the core of any smart HR department and Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight is the perfect vehicle to give employees a voice and to ensure that voice is heard.

With our idea management platform:

  • Involve your people in defining company values, which creates an inclusive and collaborative culture that improves loyalty and retention.

  • Generate, evaluate and implement ideas that improve the day-to-day in the organisation, as well as impact long term cultural change.

  • Reward the people that really go the extra mile for the business.

We’ve created a culture which rewards people for challenging ideas and thinking differently, as well as delivering results. As a result, our fantastic colleagues feel empowered to challenge our process and Idea Lab ensures that their ideas are heard and implemented. This helps us as a business deliver for our customers, making insurance much easier and better value.
Simon Linares, HR Director, Direct Line Group

Direct Line Group generated more than £3.25 million in savings by engaging over 11,000 employees. Employees are driven to provide better value for the customer and feel pride in doing so. through their #thinkdifferently initiative.