Idea Management for Digital Transformation and Strategy Leaders

Learn how you and your team can foster a culture of innovation through gathering, evaluating and implementing new ideas.


It’s your job to oversee the organisation’s digital transformation, from creating and driving strategy to ensuring that the right digital tools and services are deployed. You must try and avoid digital siloes emerging across the business and to be able to unify them if they do.

As digital transformation is as much a cultural shift as it is technological, it’s important for everyone to buy into your digital vision, with employees kept informed and engaged with your plans.


Whatever the industry, digital transformation can be a significant challenge. You need:

To convince the board about the merits of going digital and to release the budget that successful digital transformation requires.

Quick wins to demonstrate that digital will work for the business, whether by increasing efficiencies, improving services or reducing costs.

Employees who want to come on your change journey and do not feel threatened by digital transformation.

To find and address any other potential barriers to progress.

Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight is a central component of any digital transformation programme. By engaging with employees and encouraging collaboration, Idea Spotlight:

  • Helps ensure change is less abrasive and brings employees along on the journey

  • Generates many ideas that can hasten and improve the digital transformation process itself

  • Generate some quick wins that give you credibility with the board and ultimately transform the business in line with your overall strategy


With the help of Wazoku’s idea management platform, The Prince’s Trust is undergoing a transformation to realign itself around innovation, unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of staff and build a culture where everyone feels they have the power to innovate.

Becoming the best organisation, another part of CEO, Nick Stace’s strategy, started with giving people a platform – both literally and metaphorically to share any and all ideas.

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