Idea Management for Customer Support Leaders

Learn how you and your team can foster a culture of innovation through gathering, evaluating and implementing ideas.


Working in customer support makes you one of the most important employees in any business. We live in a customer-centric world and it’s your responsibility to ensure the business engages with its customers and delivers to them a first-class customer experience across all their interactions.

You must devise the strategy to make this happen and engage and equip your staff to ensure they are empowered to make good on that strategy.

999 happy customers is rarely a story but one unhappy customer can be.


Customer support is an on-going process, can be an exposed role at times and comes with a number of different challenges:

While the board might talk about the importance of the customer experience, getting them to allocate resource to this isn’t always straightforward.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) remains a priority but ensuring it remains at a high enough level is a significant challenge.

Customer experience is something that needs constant iteration and improvement – you can never rest on your laurels.

Who knows better what customers want than the staff that engage and interact with them on a daily basis? Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight is a way of capturing that feedback and can have a real impact on the experience your customers receive:

  • By crowdsourcing ideas from frontline staff, you capture the ideas that will really make a difference to your customers and maintain your NPS.

  • This feedback and collaboration can be used to generate management and learning materials and best practice guides for all your CS staff.

  • By capturing feedback from a wider range of idea communities, it helps turn your organisation into a truly customer-centric business.

We’ve created a culture which rewards people for challenging ideas and thinking differently, as well as delivering results. As a result, our fantastic colleagues feel empowered to challenge our process and Idea Lab ensures that their ideas are heard and implemented. This helps us as a business deliver for our customers, making insurance much easier and better value.
Simon Linares, HR Director, Direct Line Group

Direct Line Group generated more than £3.25 million in savings by engaging over 11,000 employees. Employees are driven to provide better value for the customer and feel pride in doing so. through their #thinkdifferently initiative.