The Wazoku Partner Network

Driving success together

EveryDay innovation and how partners fit our framework

We believe that innovation is a part of everyone’s role, in every department, every day. Moreover, we believe that organisations’ innovation success rests on five pillars: Strategy, Leadership, Management, Culture and Tools & Processes.

We are best positioned to help customers build the Tools & Processes pillar and our partners use our technology to provide high-value management consulting-related services in the other four pillars. In this sense, while technology sets the scene and is a prerequisite for innovation success, it is the advisory business services that bring innovation to life.

Why we are building a partner network

There is no such thing as ‘innovation expert’. There is a network of partners who are all experts in their field.

– Simon Hill CEO, Wazoku

This is why we are building a partner network: because our partners complement our technology, enabling all of us to focus on our strengths and drive growth together.

Partner benefits

New opportunities

Win more valuable business from organisations looking for complex solutions, foster client engagement, create up-selling opportunities and increase your margins.

Raise your profile

Recommend the right technology that will meet your clients’ specific needs, improve client satisfaction scores and raise your profile as a disruptive innovation leader.

Data & research

Gain access to invaluable innovation data and subject matter expertise; share and work together on thought leadership.

Marketing resources

We promote each other’s services, join our marketing efforts and thus reinforce our market presence. All Wazoku partners receive regular product updates, marketing materials and support with crafting outstanding marketing messages.

Platform training

We invite you to test out new features and actively participate in product development.