Engaging a Global Workforce

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We have a number of partners around the UK and overseas that we work with on a regular basis, on a variety of innovation projects. One of those, i2a based here in London helps organisations to

Engaging a Global Workforce

adapt to a changing world through “Good Business & Creative Business“. As a consulting firm with an interest in innovation and idea management, we often find similar themes emerging in our work.

Recently, one of their senior consultants Noor Rassam published a great article in PM Magazine titled “How to Engage with a Geographically Spread Workforce”. Her top tips include:

  • Be clear who the key stakeholders are
  • Establish a network of marketing champions
  • Make it easy for stakeholders to contribute
  • Be open to feedback and discussion

As a professional communication consultant, she offers some great insight into this difficult and challenging task for managers with a global workforce. The entire article is worth a read and you can, download a .pdf of it here.