OpenCo & Wazoku

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Have you ever asked for suggestions or ideas and were inundated by a flood of emails you are struggling to deal with? Most people have struggled with similar situations and that’s why we exist: we provide idea management software to help companies deal with the idea and innovation processes. We will show you how the wisdom of a crowd can be used to solve a problem… and play table tennis.

As part of OpenCo London we invite you to be part of our open office in West London. We are an international group and really enjoy showcasing our workspace. Join us on October 2nd and hear our CEO talk about innovation, idea management and join in a game of table tennis.

What makes a company an OpenCo?

  • OpenCos are on a mission to change the world.
  • OpenCos are enablers, not gatekeepers.
  • OpenCos believe in open collaboration with customers, suppliers, employees, and their community.
  • OpenCos believe in transparent communication.
  • OpenCos are open minded and nimble

Have a look at their web page for more information and to sign up. We still have a few spots available!