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OpenCo. London event: Great success!

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Last week we were part of the OpenCo London festival of innovation – innovative companies from all over London opened their doors to visitors. The marketing team attended the kick off event, which took place at the Lyst building in Hoxton Square. This was presented by Oli Barrett, who was quite entertaining. We also had a very interesting 2 minute speeches by a few select members of other companies about they are passionate about as well as the projects they are involved with.

Back in the office the next day, we were visited by our dedicated volunteer Andre, who helped us welcome our visitors. Thank you Andre, for all your help! Jon Landau gave our visitors an idea of what we do and they were invited to a game of ping pong.

This has been a great opportunity for us to get to know other businesses in the area as well as in the rest of the city. London is buzzing with ideas, creativity and people willing to put their time and efforts into building new things and businesses.

We hope that OpenCo London is here to stay and that we’ll see you all again next year!

Team collaborating_office