What is open innovation?

Innovation is key to the improvement of productivity, the amelioration of processes and the delivery of improved services; we all know how sustainable innovation and ideation bring added value to an organisation.

Open innovation creates an environment where individuals can actively get involved in the creation of solutions for their communities. It suggests interacting with broader groups of stakeholders and it builds collaborative community engagement around specific challenges and issues: ideas and input flow into organisations from outside and innovative solutions are easily generated. Open innovation is an inclusive, social way of solving complex issues and improving processes. Organisations are gradually moving away from traditional work models; we are witnessing an increase in cross-functional innovation as organisations are tapping into the expertise of their crowd and bringing an entrepreneurial spirit into the public sector.

Why you should use open innovation and how it can help your organisation

Inviting members of the public to participate in challenges enables organisations to unearth more innovative insight to add true value to their processes, as well as uncovering cost savings and helping shape future policy. A growing number of organisations are integrating open innovation platforms at the heart of their strategy and they are crowdsourcing external input for better co-creation and collaborative innovation. Participants are encouraged to submit all types of ideas and impressions, big or small, because small, incremental changes are just as important as game-changing innovation.

With open innovation decision making is becoming a truly democratic process. Open innovation is facilitated with technology – and idea management software simplifies the whole process by allowing organisations to gather and harness ideas simply.


How Idea Spotlight can help you

Idea Spotlight is an idea management platform which provides the structure to capture, evaluate, prioritise and select ideas. It is a highly flexible and social tool that allows you to build secure communities for innovation, consultation, stakeholder dialogue, insight and engage these communities in helping to solve complex challenges and key issues. It enables your stakeholders to create and evaluate ideas with an equal voice. Informal peer networks can collaborate, refine and vote on ideas.