Open Innovation in a Complex World Breakfast Briefing

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Earlier this week, we held one of our very own breakfast briefings in Cavendish Square, our special guest being Steve Kaye, Head of Innovation at Anglian Water. As a current client of ours for around a year now, Steve took the opportunity to show interested parties just how Anglian Water is changing the way that they make creative and logistical decisions, and how the Idea Spotlight software has helped the company move forward.

Steve has been the head of innovation at Anglian Water for 15 years now, and talked about how the field is constantly evolving, and leaving behind those who don’t adapt and stagnate. Anglian Water is soon rolling out the Idea Spotlight technology throughout the whole company, from members of upper-management all the way to workers on the ground under the guise of ‘ThinkSpace’, an area where everyone can go and present forward their ideas and improvements, while having the space to freely collaborate with other employees that they may never meet, adding comments and votes, so that the most successful ones can be selected for implementation. The main objective is to not only identify areas where the company can make savings but also increase employee engagement, by changing the culture and introducing innovation as part of everyone’s job.

One of the topics mentioned was dealing with workers that don’t have access to computers and laptops on the job, which makes up a majority of on the ground workers. This is one of the areas where Anglian Water has found Idea Spotlight to be effective as it can be used on all types of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Steve went on to talk about the company’s future plans, and where they see themselves in the future. Anglian Water hopes to continue being on the vanguard of innovation, investing in long term high tech innovation as well as every day improvements.

Watch this 1 minute video where Steve talks about an excellent idea that was obtained via the Water Innovation Network:

The table was then opened to questions and a lot of interesting discussions were had.

We would like to thank Steve and all those who attended for making another successful Breakfast Briefing.