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Crowdsourcing with Wazoku offered Novartis efficiency gains, helped promote dialogue, and tapped into the diverse knowledge from the public. This approach to problem-solving is a GAME CHANGER for business. The high-quality solutions have not only validated our current thinking and approach but are also shaping future activities. Moving forward with a crowdsourcing initiative designed to incorporate novel ideas and broad perspectives from external scientific and entrepreneurial communities into our activities, may expedite otherwise lengthy timelines to achieving results.
// Carlos Peralta VP, Medical Innovation & Customer Engagement Head at Novartis

Recent Novartis problems solved


Increasing Awareness and Testing of a Genetic Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death worldwide.


Development of a Systems Pharmacology Model

Studying the pharmacological effects of drugs injected into the human eye is difficult because traditional sampling methods are invasive. Therefore, the Seeker desires a computational model that accurately simulates the systems pharmacology of an administered drug.


Hypothesis for Causality

An approved medicine has been associated with post-marketing adverse event case reports following administration of the drug in the eye. Novartis is seeking plausible hypotheses for these observations based upon publicly available information.

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