Moving towards the cloud

wazoku News

A recent report from Gartner, Hybrid IT: How Internal and External Cloud Services are Transforming IT, highlights the growing need for businesses to run cloud based software alongside traditional software sources and services.

Clearly this change poses a challenge to enterprise organisations whose IT departments are used to having full control over software services. But a reluctance to incorporate cloud and SaaS services could compromise company data and security if users go ahead and sign up to cloud services without authority from their IT department. Using the cloud for non-critical software applications does however appeals to IT teams – they are quick to provision to meet specific business needs, cost effective and also satisfy their increasingly tech-savvy and mobile workforce. They also allow for flexibility to try out new systems or for short term projects.

All good news for our suite of web-based idea management platforms! Our tools can speedily be set-up for whole organisations or certain teams within an organisation to respond to their idea management requirements without the need for a bespoke build by internal teams or commissioning expensive external consultants. We are constantly working on new features and tweaks to make our tools more user-friendly and easy to use. We are currently offering a free 30 day trial of Idea Spotlight, our core innovation platform. Idea Spotlight is the place for you and your employees to create, share and evaluate ideas.  To register for the trial complete a short form and we will be in touch to get you started.