Motivating staff through ideas

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Our new article called Motivating staff and the changing workplace culture” provides an insightful summary in relation to the struggle companies face in order to motivate staff in the gloomy economic climate. Bonus cuts, lay-offs and lack of investments in R&D are some reasons why it is so difficult to maintain high levels of motivation among the employees of an organisation.

Generating ideas in all sectors can boost morale and lead to innovation – a distinctive advantage for any company. Instead of turning a blind eye to innovation, organisations need to listen to the voice of any of their employees because a single out of the blue suggestion can prove instrumental in building a competitive edge in the industry.

In short, companies need an idea management platform where they can express their views and shape their company`s culture.  By participating in common discussions, challenges and ideas, every single employee feels recognised and heard. The full article could be found on the Human Resource Management Review website.