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A few more stories about our work in launching have been published. One on Televisual:

The BBC is to use crowd-sourcing technology to help its in house production staff to suggest and develop programme ideas.

The BBC’s in-house Production department has partnered up with idea management firm, Wazoku, to launch the new system called iCreate, which allows BBC Production employees to suggest programme ideas. Other employees can then comment on the suggestions in a bid to move the idea forward. The most talked about ideas are then moved into a more formal development process.

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And this one on CloudPro:

The project is thought to be one of the largest ever idea management deployments to have ever taken place within the UK media sector.

The Wazoku Idea Spotlight technology powering iCreate is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that has been customised for use by the BBC to deliver iCreate. It has also been deployed in the past by the Metropolitan Police Service and the Department for Education.

Pat Younge, chief creative officer at BBC Production, said Wazoku’s technology will help the firm tap into new sources of workforce creativity.

“Good programming ideas need development, feedback and discussion and employee engagement is a key part of how BBC Production operates,” said Younge.

“We believe we have a wealth of untapped creative talent which BBC iCreate, using Wazoku’s platform customised to our specific needs, can help liberate us to generate some fantastic TV shows.”

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We’ll keep you updated as our work with the BBC gets more coverage.