MinuteHack Interview – Wazoku CEO, Simon Hill

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‘It’s Important To Celebrate The Small Wins’

Wazoku is growing 60% a year with its solution helping businesses organise bright ideas.

Simon Hill, founder of Wazoku, tells MH how a lucky encounter launched the business in the broadsheet press, why it’s growing 60% a year and why he fears a Brexit tech brain drain.

Tell us about your business

Wazoku is a B2B software company in the innovation sector. To keep what we do really simple, imagine a suggestion box for ideas (maybe a shoe box in your office canteen, with a hole in it for you to post ideas!), take that and make it digital, make its collaborative, make it social and make it super smart and accessible anywhere.

We sell one of those to companies all over the world to engage staff and customers in collaborative innovation.

Where did the idea come from?

I looked at that poor old shoe box in the corner of the room and thought, why does that exist and what is it really intended to achieve? I thought about my own experiences inside large companies such as Deloitte and PWC, and saw a huge opportunity to deliver something of true value.

Every company in the world wants to engage their staff, wants fresh ideas to drive efficiency, satisfaction and customer delight. It just felt like a huge gap in the market that we also feel really passionate about.

How has it grown?

We are 40-ish people, HQ is in London and we have an office in Bristol. Our clients are spread around the world, we have a footprint in 19 countries and growing.

Turnover is a guarded secret, but let’s say we have consistently grown at least 60% year on year.

From our early customers, such as the BBC who wanted to give a home and process for everyone at the BBC who had great ideas for new TV & radio content, we have grown to work with some incredible global brands such as John Lewis, Waitrose, Aviva, Oxford University and many more…

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