The Ministry of Justice Turns to Crowdsourcing for its Latest Major Consultation

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The Ministry of Justice has recently launched a major open-policy forum and consultation to source the public’s ideas and views on the future of out-of-court disposals. It is one of the largest consultations of its type to be launched by a UK central government department.

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This open-policy forum, powered by Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight for Government, will help the Ministry of Justice steer the future direction of out-of-court disposals in an open, innovative way. Members of the public are invited to actively contribute to the consultation by sharing and discussing their views on one platform.  This open consultation was launched in a bid to engage the public in policy shaping and to improve services.

Out-of-court disposals allow the police to rapidly deal with low-level, often first-time offenders who do not need to appear in front of judges, thus giving the police more time to handle serious crime. The Ministry of Justice is simultaneously offering a platform where the public can share their ideas as part of one community and another one where policy makers (police, Crown Prosecution Service and Ministry of Justice staff) can analyse and discuss these ideas.

“We want to be be as open and inclusive as possible when it comes to helping steer the future direction of out-of-court disposals, and this consultation will be strengthened immeasurably by the direct experience, input and views of the public”, said a Ministry of Justice spokesperson.