Millennials and customer service

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We have all heard many things about Millennials – how technology defines them, how quick they are to adopt new technologies and how software suppliers should develop their tools to suit them. We think however in B2B SaaS there is a requirement to cater our product and customer service to all levels of tech knowledge and enthusiasm.

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When working within varied organisations such as BBC, Aviva or government departments, it’s clear that there is a range of enthusiasm for adopting and using new technologies. The best SaaS suppliers have to be just as adept at adoption and training methodologies for technophobes as they are for ‘millennials.’ It’s a customer service challenge (we love challenges!) so, how do we deal with it? We’ve got loads of experience in this, so here’s some of our suggestions:

  • Make sure you design your customer service and engagement plans around everyone across the organisation, from smartphone addicts to people who have never used social media before.
  • Create clear and simple user guides, that can be printed if necessary – technophobes love printing things to keep on their desks (think of the trees!).
  • Produce clear-cut video tutorials that can be watched online – for those who like instant gratification on every device, wherever they may be.
  • If you’re doing on-site training sessions then ensure all skill levels are covered – but make sure you don’t go with preconceived ideas of capability levels – you never know what you might find, sometimes the most technophobic people in the room can become your biggest supporters!
  • Ensure your customer service team are fully involved with product development planning and roadmap prioritisation – they are on the front line as customer ambassadors and are constantly gathering helpful feedback to improve your product or service.
  • Be ready for negative feedback from some users – this will always happen and should be encouraged. With each new product iteration comes a chance to re-engage with dissatisfied users and bring them up to the (hopefully high) satisfaction levels of the rest of the user base.

At Wazoku, we are constantly working on improving our customer service and engagement processes, so if you have any other suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments below.