Meet Will, our new apprentice

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You may have seen one of our blog posts recently about how successful our colleague Marvyn was with his apprenticeship. As such, we have now taken on board more people, to be trained and hopefully in the end of the process, join our ranks. We have asked him to write a bit about his reasons for doing an apprenticeship as well as share some of his ideas and aspirations.

Whats it like being an apprentice at Wazoku, and what will it teach you? 

Hi, my name’s Will and i’ve been an apprentice at Wazoku since the 23rd of Feb. With the job market more competitive than it has ever been, it’s now so easy for young people to be lost under the weight of sheer numbers. Companies are bombarded with certificates of people with degrees and university qualifications, but in a tough economy, these companies don’t have the resources or the time to take on a permanent employee with no experience.

But there is a solution to this : apprenticeships. As an apprentice, you gain vital experience within a professional environment, while getting paid at the same time. The unfortunate downside is that some businesses see apprentices as a source of cheap menial labour that they don’t have to pay regular wages to. I joined Wazoku as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, and this role really stood out to me as Wazoku seemed keen on taking me on and training me into a permanent position, something I have already started at. Having started just a few days ago, I have been trusted with many responsibilities, but have also been encouraged and assisted by fellow staff members around me. I find that having more experienced colleagues sharing their knowledge is invaluable learning that a young person would never get in a university course, or even at other companies.

From an apprenticeship standpoint, I am gaining the experience of working full time, getting used to the morning commute, as well as joining a professional environment and building myself as a result of it. From a more specific perspective, from my apprentice role in Digital Marketing, I am learning the ins and outs of how to market a great product, learning the routes that a product takes from the design level through to sales.

Completing an apprenticeship can give you four sets of key skills that employers want to see from a young employee; the first being self­-reliance skills. Self­-reliance skills demonstrate that you can work independently, solve problems on your own, organise yourself and prioritise your own tasks. This is something that companies love to see, and when coupled with good social skills, makes you an ideal young candidate.

At the end of my apprenticeship, which will last for just over a year, I hope to gain significant knowledge in my field, so that I could be considered for a permanent position here, and continue working and learning my trade. The best part about gaining learner experience as a young person in the technology field, is that the skills are transferable. So for those out there fearful of committing to a year’s worth of work, know that even if after your year is completed, you can take the skills you have learnt and apply them to a relative field. Obviously don’t go into fashion retail if you want to be an astronaut, but in the vast majority of fields there are always aspects that will draw skills from other areas of work. As for Wazoku, they are a young, exciting company with a lot of success and development to come, so for a young person wanting to build their CV, their career, and also themselves, I couldn’t recommend anywhere else higher.